Prepress First Step of Art:

Pre-press is the first step towards product quality. Preparing your job for printing is just another part of our services at Saptagiri. Let us take your ideas and design your project. We have available a large variety of graphics, fonts, and pictures or we can work from your pre-designed images, Conventional - giving us copy, photos, artboards, positives or Electronic - using computer generated originals, transferred by disk. If you use an outside source or your own designer, let us discuss directly with him or her, prior to the design, our capabilities and format.

Saptagiri is driven by information technology. Nearly all of our printing and packaging jobs are generated from digital artwork that require us to be a leader in prepress technology.

Using the latest generation of Computers and most current graphics software that includes Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Corel Draw Macromedia Freehand Adobe Pagemaker.

We rapidly process files by using Scitex image setter I CTP to RIP and output on film I plate. We are able to produce color proofs quickly for your approval.

Prepress Equipment:

Equipment No. Make Model Size
Fully Digital Colour Scanner for Scanning Col. Photo, Transparency, Negative Film, Line Art on Paper or Film - Positive or Negative 1 PLANTA POLYGRAPH 2008 28" x 40"
Apple Power Macintosh Computers with SuperMatch 21 " True Colour Monitor for Digital Photo-Retouching/Finishing 1 Apple USA Power PC 8100/110
Apple Power Macintosh Computers with 17" /15" Colour Monitor for Complete Digital Work-flow equipped with 230 MB MO(Megno-Optical Disks & 100 MB Zip Drives (2 Drives of each) for Secondary Storage 4 PLANTA POLYGRAPH Power PC 8100/7100 44" x 64"
High-End IBM Computers with Intel Pentium IV Processor (3.2 GHz), 3 GB RAM with 19" Col. Corrected Monitor, DVD RW Drive and 128 MB Graphic Card 8 Intel USA IBMPC
High-End Image Plotter for Output of Digital Colour Seperation Films of Complete Pages at 3600 DPI Laser Ready for Plate Exposing 1 SCITEX Israel DOLEV 250 PS/M 14" x 19.5"
High-End Computer to Plate (CTP) Image Plotter for Output of Digital Files Directly on Offset Plates at 3600 DPI Laser Ready for Printing 1 Dinippon Screen Japan PTR 8100 28" x 40"
Digitally Controlled Plate Exposing Machine 1 PROTEK Quantek 28" x 40"
High-End Colour Proofing System compatible with CtP as above 1 Epson Japan 9600 Pro 44" Width
Laser Printers for Text Print-Outs 1200 DPI 2 HP,USA

Product Show Case

We shall be happy to provide you with all the above services at your doorstep.

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